Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tellman! Wizard of Simpleology

If you have just learned about Joe Vitale then you probably don't know the next "Secret Chief" of Online Marketing I am going to introduce you to.

Tellman Knudson (pronounce the K) is one of the most powerful "list builders" in the world (outside of China). I have learned that a "list" is a very powerful memetic tool. Toxick E-mail is of course the perfect example of a secular magick list that has bloomed like a viral infection to create a unique community.

Joining Tellman's list is not just for marketers...this is for Magickians of Simpleology. This is for magickians whose will and desire is to effect a large group of people. Activism, Art and Attraction to any meme the magician is developing will benefit from these techniques.

Brand New...LIST "Invitation Only"

Click Image to view this Marketing Wizards Program!

When you join List Hero™you will get the best free sqeeze page available. It builds your list even when you are failing to get traffic own your own. It is the best list generator yet.

You'll learn these secrets ...with List Crusade...

Jay Abraham shows you 6 quick ways to out-think, out-perform, and out-earn your competition with the least amount of time, effort, and risk ...

Joe Vitale teaches instant hypnotic tricks to build your opt-in list that'll pull in subscribers like mindless zombies ...

Robert Allen shows how to create 10 sources of automatic income that will come in for years with no additional effort ...

Brian Tracy reveals how to double your income, get things done faster, and gain two extra hours of free time each day ...

Shawn Casey spills his guts and shows the secret step-by-step system he's used to sell millions online ...

John Gray explains how to change your brain chemistry using easy mind exercises, nutrition, and natural supplements easily banishing depression and fatigue forever...

T. Harv Eker gives you 3 easy ways to change your money thermostat and instantly gain a millionaire mindset so that money flows to you effortlessly

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen reveal how to take immediate control of your mental, physical, psychological, and emotional destiny ...

Joshua Shafran shares 6 little-known, hyper-effective ways to INSTANTLY unlock all the million dollar ideas trapped inside your head (just one of these ideas can make you more money than a lifetime of slaving away at your JOB)!

And much, much more sent straight to your inbox...

I was so impressed with Tellman when I was listening to the Bonus from Mark Joyner's The Great Formula that I had to use the 2nd Law of Simpleology, The Law of Clear Vision to manifest a contact with Tellman. I focused so hard that I shifted or "orthorotated" into an Alternate Reality. In this Parallel World I was able to manifest a tele-seminar with Tellman Knudsen where he expressed his admiration for Secular Magick and give us some great tips on developing a niche. I was able to broadcast this tele-seminar from this Alternate Reality using special technology...the line was over-loaded and we blew the connection. What we have is pure gold!

This is $197.00 worth of FREE insight...double the value by joining Tellman's List. Leverage the money you save and you can get Tellman's Offer almost FREE...

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(This is a parody that I hope Tellman will find funny.)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ben Mack: Smuggler of Secrets

Ben Mack, intrepid Magician of Simpleology, Secular Magick, and Bokononoist is the modern Indiana Jones of the MemeSphere. Wild trecks through the heart of darkness of the corporate marketing world have left indeliable scars but have made Ben Mack one of the most dangerous minds in America. You may recall the ruthless exposure of Howard Campbell that was published in Poker Without Cards.

Ben has a new book designed for business and activists called Think Two Products Ahead. This book is good but what is really cool and only the Magickians of Simpleology are invited is the

Teleseminar that Ben Mack is giving with Mark Joyner TODAY!
If you have not joined, bust click the banner...ignore the direct marketing...just scroll down to the bottom and you will get sent an e-mail where you can access the phone call.

Do you guys remember when Ben was interviewed by Joe Matheny...hhahahahah

I thought Ben was totally off his nut for was before I heard the whole story, only told in the copies of Twisp that I am selling underground via Borderlands.

1. This week's Simpleology Live Learning Event: Ben Mack

It likely originated in China in 1000 BC.

It became popular amongst the French nobility in the late 18th Century.

It was once called a Bandalore.

The first US patent was filed in 1866.

It went into space in 1985.

Your Grandparents likely had one ...

Your Parents likely had one ...

You've likely had one ...

... Or at least used one ...

What am I talking about?

The Yo Yo.

Hold on - if Yo Yo's have already "been around" for three thousand years, why did the American public suddenly go "ga-ga" over the Yomega Yo Yo in 1998?

The answer to that is Ben Mack.

Ben Mack is a branding expert and former Senior Vice President of BBDO Atlanta. If you've got a Yomega YoYo sitting on a shelf somewhere in your house, you can probably thank Ben Mack for it, because Ben created the strategy behind the Yomega's meteoric jump from $8mm to OVER $100mm in the late 90's.

For the last two years, Ben has been working with entrepreneurs in getting more from every touch they have with a customer. In a special Simpleology Live Learning Event, he has agreed to reveal 7 secrets that the "big ad agencies" don't want the "little guys" to know how to use ...

Time and Date:

Ben Mack:

"Think Two Products Ahead"

Wednesday 24 May 2006
8PM Eastern

Get it Two Ways - Over the Phone or Webcast

Call in Number:

Access Code:

Webcast URL:
(must have the free Real Audio player installed)

(... continued from above)

Here's a sample of what you'll learn:

Thinking two-steps ahead is basic to any strategic thinking ... When you think two products ahead you start thinking like a marketer.

Misconceptions around branding are common ... a brand is the likelihood of a customer buying from you now and in the future.

Ben reveals the basic 3-step branding scheme all ad agencies use.

Ben talks listeners through extracting a brand essence and identifying their common thread.

Ben shows how to evaluate every communication against this common thread ... this is how easy branding can be.

And much more ...

The Nervous Plexus and Glands

A post on the glands and chakras.

Scroll past the comments to my post...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Maximum Profit - Minimal Effort



Were you aware that every single one of the greatest fortunes
ever built simply followed a 3 step formula?

Every single one of them!

I wasn’t either.

This formula is so mind-numbingly simple that I almost dismissed
it as trivial, but then I snapped out of it.

Look, I suppose the business experts can make things
unnecessarily complicated if they want to …

But does that help me?

I mean, I just want to make the money and get on with my life!

This three step formula has finally been revealed in Mark
Joyner’s breakthrough new book: “The Great Formula: for Maximum
Profit with Minimal Effort.”

Maximum Profit – Minimal Effort. I’m all for that!

Here’s what the business experts are saying”

“A stunningly simple idea that changed the course of history.”
David Garfinkel, Founder of The World Copywriting Institute

“Truly a new perspective.”
Joe Sugarman, Chairman of BluBlocker Corporation, and Author of

“Incendiary! The tightest book on marketing I’ve ever read.”
Ben Mack, Former Senior VP BBDO

It’s OK if you’re thinking:

“OK, that’s great. I might check that out some time …”

Get it right now – here’s why:

1. If you had invested in Microsoft in 1980, you’d probably be
a millionaire today many times over. Investing in your future
by employing this 3 step formula now will have a much greater
impact on your business that much faster.

2. Today they are giving away a huge bonus package to people who
invest in this easy-to-read book worth thousands of dollars.

Actually – read #1 again. That’s probably worth more to you
than the thousands of dollars worth of business-building-tools
you’ll be getting along with it when you purchase it today:

purchase it today

Haha – I wonder …

I wonder how many reading this today will act, and I wonder how
many will click “delete” and forget all about it.

It would be fun to look into the future at the two.

I see one of them making a call to their banker from their yacht
effortlessly transferring money to purchase their new dream

I see the other toiling away at their desk trying to make ends
meet wishing they had found an easier way to make it all work.

Which will you be?

Make your choice and click here!


Chris Titan

P.S. If you haven’t read the rest of this letter would you do
me a favor and scroll up to read it now? It’s that important …

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hit it...Until you Hit iT!

or just toss off...

(freebie game)

Have you made the two most important decisions of your life yet?

Lesson 12

Friday, May 12, 2006

Get Wasted With Time


This reminds me of that old man that shared a bottle with me last weekend. He told me his name was Time. He was a grizzled old wino who smelled faintly of pee. He asked me for some change. I was already three sheets to the wind, drinking Guiness Stout so that I did not have to eat dinner. I looked at this old timer and asked what he was drinking. He was reluctant nut when he saw that I was drunk and that I might give him money anyway he told me. I told him to hold on and came back with a fifth of what he was drinking…some cheap whisky. We sat down somewhere and I can’t remember a thing we talked about.

I remember he told me his name was Time…I think the last thing I remember is thinking and laughing that I was getting wasted with Time. And now I can’t remeber any of what Time told me…that is a waste of time.

This is what is know as a Time Leech in Simpleology 101.

Chris Titan

Forgot to buy pickles


Darn! I picked up veggies but I forgot the pickles.

I guess that pickles don’t have half the probiotics they once did but someting about the vinegar helps my digestion.

I know that apple cider vinegar is popular. I just can’t stand to drink even two table spoons a day.

Forgeting the pickles was the daily target that I missed. I violated the Third Law of Simpleology. I lost my simple-edge.

Chris Titan

I kicked butt today.


It being Friday I had procrastinated as long as possible. I took a major brain dump last night and had a very clear idea of how much running around it was going to take to get it all done so I could start to procrastinate about the backyard and mowing the lawn. I had a hefty list of Daily targets and I knocked them out by one. I went the bank, the printer, the office, back to the printer, the post office and then was able to get lunch and head back home. If I got off track for more that 30 mins I would not be able to get it all done. I’m telling you that there is something powerful in the Daily Target Praxis. I am so lazy that I really can do little more that think about what I want to do. Generally it fills me with dread and inspires me to waste time on something that can distract me from unpleasent reality. To do the Daily Praxis you imagine yourself hitting your target and you also feel how good it is going to feel. It is easy. I woke up to day and actually felt like doing stuff was excited to do stuff. Sure is was the first sunny day in ages but I really enjoyed knocking this stuff out on schedule today.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Future Now!

What would you say to yourself if you could travel in Time?

(Click For Movie)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Use Breath to Battle Fear and Improve your Will Power

This is a great Direct Experience. There are three great visualization/breath exercises. There is also a really good discussion of the mechanisms of breath. Do this when you have some time to really focus on this.

Guest: Corwin Bell
Date of Event: 15 March 2006

To listen to this great download:

1.Read all steps first
2.Click Link Below
3.You Will See a "Landing Page" for Simpleology 101, read it, skim it fast or just skip to the bottom, you have to join but it is totaly worth it.
4.Check your E-Mail and Log-In
5.Find the link on the side-bar called "Recordings", click this and scroll down to "Use Breath to Battle Fear and Improve your Will Power"
6.Listen Up!

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