Monday, August 21, 2006

7 Hidden Psychological Tricks


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If you are working for yourself you are in constant communication. 
Often the bottom line depends on how it works out.
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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Take Charge-Get Results


In this rushed world we just have time to sit and browse the surface most of the time.

How ever do we discover the details of life?

It is a million eyed information gathering brain, each eye gathering some small bit of information and reporting it back to the main brain.

There is another million eyed information gathering brain that has to sort out and interpret the information coming in.

With millions of eyes searching and reporting I have yet to hear about this pdf file that contains a short Q&A with our own Coach Morse.

“Success Through Leadership” proudly adorns the mast-head over at the website for Take Charge and sets it off with a very post-military flavor. I imagine that this is a very popular approach. I myself have enjoyed the comraderie and banter with Coach Morse on this forum that I would associate with soldiers fighting along side each other in the threnches. I would bet that as your coach your really have the sense that someone is fighting by your side.

I can’t help but look back in time at a young Coach Morse really getting motivated by his early military leadership training. If the military knew that Coach Morse was using their training to make civilians successful…well I dont know if they care. hahaha

I am not saying to buy to book but the web experience is pretty good at Coach Morse’s website and is enhanced greatly if you appreciate his presence in this forum. It is worth taking 10 mins to explore his website, there are more pdf files and stuff.

I mean after you read The Great Formula (each copy comes with over 80 freebies) you will have so many ideas that you will need to contact Coach Morse to keep you motivated. Don’t let Coach Morse modesty fool you…this is a fighting man. If I had $15.00 I would order it right now and be reading it in a few days. If you are not a broke ass loser like myself you should pick it up and at least put it on your shelf. I would.


Chris Titan

p.s Hey Coach, why is the guy on the cover in Prison? Or does just have a really bad apartment with a view of a gray brick wall? hahaha

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