Saturday, December 30, 2006

Mr. Titan in Asia...

Autopilot Traffic Machine

Having Fun in Asia!

Click Above Image For More!

Friday, December 29, 2006

The Secular Magick of Social Network

In the spirit of the ARG I have developed this viral video to cut deeper into the fabric behind the surge of interest in affiliate networks and internet traffic business systems.

This is The Nitro Powered Autopilot Traffic Machine explaned.

This ARG is going to influence the Asian markets. This is a hypersigil to build that bridge.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Howard Campbell X-Mas Special

this is the one. Howard lays it out and explains everything, how the world works, why you are being manipulated, and how you can reclaim it... with special guests like Chris Titan and Freeman, and a few voices we just can't talk about, this has all the earmarkings of a trully mind-bending dose of uberreality tha twill expose your brain to new ways of seeing the world.. if.. IF you can endure the alterations to consciousness that the first fifteen minutes of the release engender...

can an audio produce an alteration in consciousness?

dude, you better friggin believe it


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Thomas Pynchon in the News Dec 6th...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Being the Introduction in regards to the previous post...

Setting and Achieving goals.
Object Based Thinking.

If you could imagine yourself doing any one thing with passion, what would it be?

I'm working on this bad-ass synthesis of all the material around me, and in it I'm going to rip the shit out, I'll be doing all the reading for you so you won't have to, you'll just have the tools to know you're right, and how to be right.

It's going to kick ass.

Trust me on this. I've got some of the intellishit right hire somewhere... yeah. Link

from that link you should be able to extrapolate two things. I'mwU/zen werewolf a fragmented memeplex as androit as the next avatar, my function being primarily to act as a connector of datum, I'm an information junky. I'm synthesizing a number of texts into a report which looks at the manifestation and belief structure, the meme of becoming wealthy in literally months, and how it has been accomplished. I am devising a work that explains how some people succeed, some people fail, and how to use the principles of magick and a bunch of other shit that actually works.

Here's teh thing. I know this is a viable way to look at it, and I know it sounds like bullshit, but once I explain my point of view, and all these different factors, I'm pretty sure you'll see what I'm trying to show you, and feel what I felt when I first found this shit out. Seriously.

So right now I'm working on the final piece of This Shit Fucking Works, which I'll then be boiling into Altar, Consciousness... something I haven't touched since 2003, and which needs a lot of work.

Please, hit me with comments! Click on the link and let me know what you think, or if you have questions?

S/Z Codes

S/Z - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:


Barthes defines five major codes that form a network of meaning (a “topos”) in the text; this network, in turn, provides a framework for analyzing not only Sarraisine, but all texts. As Barthes guides the reader through the entirety of Balzac’s text, he systematically notes and explains the usage of each of these codes as they occur. The hermeneutic code (HER) denotes the series of questions or enigmas that move the plot forward; it sets up delays and obstacles that maintain suspense. The semic (SEM) code designates a special kind of signifier that marks the development of a theme through the lexia (the language of the text that creates the possibility for its symbolic interpretation) of a story. The symbolic (SYM) code identifies details in the story that are interpreted on a figurative level. The proairetic (ACT) code indicates the actions and behaviors that constitute the plot. The cultural (REF) code references types of knowledge that offer scientific or moral authority.

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