Friday, April 07, 2006

Simpleology is Secular Magick

If you follow this course you will re-descover the magickal techniques of creating change in accordance with the Will.

There is a deeply satisfying practice of visualization that is at the core of this technique.

The use of a magickal diary combined with quick and simple daily practice carves out a path of desire that is irresistble.

The Great God Pan is no longer dead...

The gods have been banished and man as the creative beast has been enthroned...

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Secular Magick

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What is Secular?

From Wikipedia:

Secularism can also be the social ideology in which religion and supernatural beliefs are not seen as the key to understanding the world and are instead segregated from matters of governance and reasoning. For other forms of being secular, and perspective on the terminology underlying the word "secularism", see secularity.

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