Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Legend of EA_Spouse

Recently, I was advised to turn my skills as a guerilla ontologist toward developing empowering myth and story that undermines the misinformation campaigns being waged publicly on the public mind. So I thought I'd bring out a case example with which I am familiar, that might help form a foundation for understanding how an individual can cause change in an institution.

the Legend of EA_Spouse began with these words: "My significant other works for Electronic Arts, and I'm what you might call a disgruntled spouse."

and Within a six month period from writing those words, she'd whipped up a media storm that only abated with EA Games revising its corporate policy in the face of a PR debacle. It is possible to generate publicity from the grassroots that does create change in corporate structure.

Here are some choice bits from the media following this case:

32_Footsteps: Similarly, has your SO been experiencing any health problems from his work recently? Either symptoms or known maladies are fine.

EA_Spouse: When a human being is under this much stress, if they don't already have a stress disorder, they will develop one. In my SO's case, he already had one, and it did worsen significantly, to the point of seeing a specialist outside of his normal schedule for doing so. On top of this were the normal symptoms of prolonged exhaustion - headaches, high blood pressure, stomach malaise, and eye trouble. What is alarming right now is that he's had some time off for Thanksgiving, and rather than abating during that time, the symptoms of his stress disorder continued to worsen.

2005-01-24 06:01 pm UTC
"Why did I elarn about this now? If I had known this, my money would neevr have been wasted on SimCity, all the Sims expansion packs,The Sims 2, and especially not The Sims Online. I bet 10% of what I've paid to EA goes to the people who do the work. F*ck you, EA!!"

At the time she wrote the anonymous post, some speculated that EA Spouse wasn't a real person. In this exclusive interview, Nicole Wong reveals the identity of EA Spouse for the first time and what led her to take on the game industry.

Software engineers have won a $14.9 million settlement from Electronic Arts, in a settlement of a California class-action lawsuit over unpaid overtime, following a similar $15.6 million settlement reached in October with graphic artists.

According to the new settlement, some of the entry level programmers will be reclassified as hourly workers, making them eligible for overtime pay. In return, they will be allowed a one time grant of restricted company stock, but will no longer receive stock options or bonuses.

The $14.9 settlement money will go to programmers at various levels who worked at Electronic Arts between February 14th, 2001 and February 14th, 2006. The settlement is expected to be a catalyst for changes, not only in other video games publishers and developers, but in other software companies outside of the games industry.

I do hope that understanding how media works will help others use it to similar ends, and that you who are reading this will take inspiration from EA_Spouse's success. I'm attempting to help a friend of mine who is experiencing a similar situation at TARGET Inc as part of the new Frequency23 podcast. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Example of a memetic package that unfolds in many directions




Jan 18, 2007 12:49 PM

Subject Freeman: Austin TX Conspiracy Mogul, As Seen On TV
Freeman: Austin, TX's conspiracy mogul. As seen on TV:

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