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Friday, October 13, 2006

Magickians of Simpleology

This week at the same time people here were confused about The Magickians of Simpleology and resisting Simpleology as being the Simpleology community there were resisting the idea of ceremonial magick as a method to create change.

Sometimes when you attempt to bridge two get stuck in that one position where your legs are spreading wider and wider until you feel like your whole idea is going to take a bath...

There is some shock value to this three part piece...I had to put in some toxick rightwinger antics to keep it real...I hope you enjoy this and that it makes things more clear.


Chris Titan

Magickians of Simpleology pt 1


How we approach this image will tell us a lot about our personal perceptions.

As a Magickian of Simpleology, a term I use to describe the similarities between the ancient sciences of manifesting your will or co-creating with G_d and the simple science of Simpleology.

Living is this realty tunnel as I do...I perceive this image much different than anyone who has expressed themselves so far.

The first this that strikes me is that his "neighbor" or "friend" seems to be interupting a private ritual...and then asking him on short notice why he is doing this ritual. From the general reaction of ridicule from the audience here you can only imagine that this individual, half-naked, covered in body paint, and doing magick with his dinner (in his own yard I assume) was going to be extremely embarrassed...and offer the quickest answer that was foremost on his mind at the time of being interupted. He was deeply visualizing himself owning a car. He was practicing the second law of Simpleology, of the Law of Clear vision. The entire point of magickal ritual is to build up intense visualizations that you are extremely emotionally excited about. The "silly" diagrams that he sits in...when they are composed,if he is a Magickain of Simpleology,of the series of stright liness that will be required to manifest the goal. These lines or steps are combined into a final image that is then the ultimate focus for the visualisation during the ritual. This is the First Law of Simpleology in action. These practices are ancient and cause the attention and the energy to be focued on one image in an extremely powerful way...if this sort of dramatic interaction with your unconscious mind turns you on. To those who do enjoy dealing with deeper levels of imagery and intensely focused emotinal energy...the Third and Fourth Laws of Simpleology are manifested. That of Focused Attetion and Focued Energy.

Why does he have a dead chicken? Is this purely satanic? Well lets not forget that there is no real satanic religion per se, and that what we hear about in the news in wackos who are perverting a few religions...namely Christianity. Little known are the actual religions of Western Africa that immigrated with the slaves ( I said immigrate...?). This religion took up root in the islands where many of the slaves were growing sugar for the triangle trade of the day ( Sugar, Slaves, and Rum). In africa they sacrificed animals in rituals very similar to the way the Hebrews in the Bible did before the Romans destroyed their temple and Christianity had their own version. In Africa they would bless the animals ritually and then eat them in a big communal feast. This was transferred to Voodoo which was the western manifestation of West African religion. Outsiders might see a person dancing around with a chicken and then see them kill it and get the wrong idea...they may go home to a chicken dinner and fret about it. So we can see that ritually killing a chicken is not just killing an animal out of cruelty it may be part of a persons actual way of praying...which in America we have the deepest toleration and respect for. Never Forger IT!

So in a lot of ways...this image could be your buddies...asking you why you are spending fifteen minuets everyday scribbling into a notebook and not returning their calls till the evening and saying weird stuff like "I had to finish my daily praxis"

In fact, funny as it may seem, just this week I had a Magickian give me a hard time for promoting Simpleology as magick. It would be the reverse of this comic strip...and it happened yesterday. The guy who already has his affiliate network knowledge down, has been to college, has money to burn hosting a cultural web resourse...wondering why I want to make such a big deal out of such simple techniques.

I simply told him that they worked...and you know did several other people. I was not standing alone in my convictions, in the concoction of ideas that merged two streams of consiousness into one.

Since I still have you...

If you are a Magickian you can get lost in the tons of techniques you have to learn and the amount of symbolism that you have to digest. People get lost all the time...these are the ones we see and make fun of. They are confused...much like we make fun of Jehovas Witnesses who tell us that the UN is actually Satan. We have tolerance, try to understand they are confused and hopefully avoid talking with them too long. I deeply apologize to any Jehovas advance. No one knows the bible better than the JW's and they have a very interesting past. Bear with me...I really don't want to insult anyone to make an example.

When you are a Magickan you get a grand philosophy of making change in accordance to your will and a bunch of boring breathing and visualization techniques. Most people call it a scam at this point. But...the same is with Simpleology..."visualization and list making, I thought this was going to show me how to get what I want?"..."I already have a huge list, uggg"...or a number of reasons why they fail to grasp what seems to a Lesson 18 victor will see a the simplest most powerful thing in the world.

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christitan718 Join Date: Jan 2006
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Magickains of Simpleology pt 2


When you combine the Magickal Philosophy of creating change in accordance with your will with the SYSTEM of Simpleology all the sudden it turns on the lights. It is not a systhesis for everyone that is for sure. If you have an interest in what is considered the occult but you do not want to fall into some sort of goofy satanic religion or some lame guru then I feel that Simpleology is vital. Once you see how the mechanics of the mind work when striped away from the emotinal imagery of the (religious) symbolism you will be equiped to explore the occult without superstitious reactions. It is not spirits or gods that bring you things...that is folk magick or superstition. It may work sometimes but will not get you the car unless you are lucky. There IS no end to dumb luck...but it is not a Magickal System for creating change in accordance with the will. Once you see that you can create change with deep visualisations and focused attenion and energy without emotional symbolism then you can safely play with the potent imagery of Magick. You can discover that when you visualise your spine like a flashing rainbow... your imagination stimulates your deepest feelings. You can tap a huge...almost unbelievable amount of energy with some of the "magickal" visualisations that are common in my tradition. There is, for example, a visualisation technique called the "assumption of the godform"...where you visualize yourself as if wearing an image of a certain god that has a particular symbolic meaning that I associated with my desire, you become that image and act as that image. You generally speak the desire out loud and then visualise it happening. Often one will use the godform of Thoth, the god of wisdom and the is he who speaks his desire and has if fulfilled. If these images have deep associations for you, as they do me since I was a kid, then emotional energy will be increased when you feel the "psychological" shift in your awarness. Technically it is just an increase in the DMT that the pineal gland produces...but hey...can you get your pineal gland to release DMT at will? You will if you do your daily praxis will find that those visualisations give you a charge you can't expalin.(Not medical advice)

Magickians of Simpleology pt 3


Well, that your parents are in the other room...

Get some chalk...go into the garage and draw a will discover how hard that can be. Do the math to simply draw a simple pentagram...again you will be stumped. If you wing will look like will distract your focus and ruin your emotions.

If you think you are interested in this...and have never thought of this as something that is not evil...or just never had the right impulse...keep listening...

Figure it out with some research. I will help you with the circle. If you take a line tie it to a stick, hold the stick where you want the center of the circle, tie the chalk to the free end of the line, adjust the length and then carefully trace the line arund the stick. It helps if you have two people.

Here is the SECRET...and you really think that there are no little secrets to making this work...or making an ass of yourself...there are it is a razor and you may need a good myself...but you can't afford me...

When you are doing all of this tedious geometry you must be focused on your desire. You cannot just mindlessly draw this shape...when you draw the circle you are actually feeling as deeply and you can the very bounderies...the total extent of all your personal power. As you lay the lines down...carefully observing he proper laws of geometry you must be focused on your desire...the geometry is a language that you are expressing your desire in. As you draw simple straight lines visualise the steps that it will take to manifest your will, it almost always takes more than one step or one change to manifest desire. Five changes...Seven changes...there is a good possibility that you can do it in seven steps.

When you finish you have exerted the left part of your brain to construct the exact shape as closely as you are physically able ...the whole time exerting the right side of your brain with emotional visualisation of your desire.

When you look down you have created a non-verbal statement of your intention. The deepest parts of your mind are getting this message. When you sit inside this shape...allow all the previous ideas of steps merge into being the thing you want at that moment. The guy in the cartoon was no doubt driving down the road in his car...deeply immersed...more immersed that most of us have the idea that is even possible (or desired).

I am tired of typing.

I could go on forever about this...I thing that kooks can be so misunderstood.

First they came for the kooks, but I was not a kook...then they came for the uppity motivated success geeks and I was one...

American Tolerance is what makes all the death in the world worthwhile...children are blown to bits everyday in Iraq so I can relax and be a kook...sit in a circle...wave my dinner around and dance with it before I butchure it for dinner...and even though you may not understand me. You quitely give me the blessing to be successful the best way that I can determine for myself...if you value the real American Values that the first blood was spilt for. My fathers spilt their blood for this freedom...not corporate profits and a status quo that would foster intolerance, prejudice, unfairness, or any violation of what a senator has reminded us recently are our Divine Rights as Human Beings.

Do you want to work with someone who is crazy like this...

Magickal Marketing Network

I will see you on the otherside...


Chris Titan

p.s. I was serious about the Magickan guy bashing on me for Simpleology and affiliate marketing or at least trying to sell them a $10.00 information package. You see to younger people trying to sell them something they have not been conditioned to think they need is EVIL...imagine is true...check out my blog and then follow it to Freq23. This is going to be a long night for you...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

BLAST Your Way to Megabuck$ with My SECRET Sex-power Formula - And Other Reflections Upon the Spiritual Path

An Interview with Ramsey Dukes
from Head magazine

Did you ever get the girl next door?

You ask did I get the girl next door, an obvious reference to the article ‘Blast Your Way to Megabuck$’. The trouble with successes in magic is that you can look back and describe some things that happened and they are so amazing when that when you tell them to people they think you must be the world’s greatest Magician if you could do things like that. But you know that actually they didn’t happen in the way magic ought to - ‘I just want this to happen and I make it happen’. Very little have I managed to achieve in that way, life has a habit of springing surprises however hard you try to direct it. Some of those surprises are uncannily close to what you asked for, and yet they have a way of occurring which is not what you expected. I am very much aware of what is happening to me and it’s a sort of theme which occurs in fairy stories; the wish is granted but it doesn’t work out the way it was meant to. I think it must be a cosmic law that that should happen.

This is about the nature and power of belief, human mental evolution, artificial intelligence modelling, chaos magic, the Abramelin operation, the dichotomy between science and magic (which is not just a rehash of the beautiful argument that appears in SSOTBME), and investigates some thorny little paradoxes; like why do all occult leaders seem to be, at least in part, or on occasions, charlatans? Hint- many religions insist that the world is illusory, so might you not find out more about the nature of an illusion by following those who deal with illusions?

Similarly, why is it that weird stuff always happens just after the video cameras are switched off, or the expert scientific witness has gone to the toilet? - ÒThe most striking modern psychic phenomena seem to occur at odd moments when there are few witnesses i.e. fewer sceptical mindsÉ the ancient world was less 'worked out'- for example human consciousness had not yet crystallised the laws of physics- and so there was more room for miracles in the correspondingly looser structure

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