Friday, April 04, 2008

T5T: The Ten Minute Rejuventation Plan

I am really hard on people who stress the tibetian connection to the five rites as described by Peter Kelder in the Eye of Revelation.

Carolinda Witt in her wonderful manual titled "the 10-minuet rejuvenation plan" refers to the five rites as "The Five Tibetians" but that is as far as it goes. She teaches from her own direct experience from doing the rites over an long period of time.

"the 10-minuet rejuvenation plan" is 165 pages of wonderful photographs and full of ideas that make the pracice of the five rites safer than ever...this is a good book.

Carolinda is a genuine person and not one of these folks who are ripping off the five rites to pass themselves off as a personal development guru. She has really done her homework.

So if you are like me and the tibetian angle is going to turn you off...just ignore the whole T5T connection to tibet and focus on the photos...Carolinda is pretty hot...I mean...the detailed information is very helpful.


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