Monday, March 24, 2008

Peter Kelder's Original "Eye of Revelation"


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Peter Kelder's original work has been available only from Borderland Sciences Research Foundation since 1975.

"This is the SUPER-MAN, who creates within himself the true 'ELIXER OF LIFE'."

"...the SUPER-MAN turns the procreative urge upward and reproduces within himself a new man- a stronger, powerful, magnetic man who is constantly growing younger, day by day, moment by moment."

Peter Kelder suggests that the procreative urge when "turned upward" would result in a profound energizing and rejuvenation of the body.

What does Kelder mean by "turns the procreative urge upward"?

Wilhelm Reich in Electrical Function in Sexuality, The Journal of Orgonomy Vol.3, Num 2 Nov 1969 explores the idea that the source of energy is in the areas in the solar plexus:

"Where in the body are the sources and storage areas of biological energy to be found? Out first hypothesis was - the autonomic nervous system (primarily the celiac, hypogastric, and pudendal plexus). I will shortly offer clinical support for this assumption. The autonomic nervous system represents the generator, that is, the source of the electrical energy of the human body."

I assume that Peter Kelder meant abstinance from sexual activity. What is then implied is that you will have the ability turn the urge upwards.

From a reading of Wilhelm Reich it would seem that the ability to transfer the electrical charge from the sexual generative organs into the autonomic nervous system cenetered in the solar plexus could be considered a more useful definition of "turning the procreative urge upward".

The Five Rites when looked at in this light are interesting the way that the solar plexus gets particular attention in each rite. Sexual activity may not need to be completely avoided but it may benefit to keep the idea in mind that the electricity energy centers are in the solar plexus and to direct that energy with the imagination from the sexual centers into the solar plexus.

In my opinion the 'Elixer of Life' is not some sort of by-product of withholding semen as some people may belive. If it were seminal then women would not benefit from these Five Rites and we know from experience they benefit as well as men from these practices. The 'Elixer of Life' is the bio-chemical electicity (Orgone) that the body uses to maintain health and consciouness. It is produced in limited amounts and used in habitual ways by the body each day. The Five Rites, with a dose of Wilhelm Reich thrown in, can show a quick and effective way of increasing the source of the electrical energy of the human body.

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