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The Five Rites are not "Culturally" Tibetian

Peter Kelder did not write The Fountain of Youth.

Peter Kelder did write The Eye of Revelation, ISBN: 0-945685-04-1

Peter Kelder was in Tibet in the 1930's but his work has nothing to do with the Tibetian culture that we are familiar with today. To call The Rites Tibetian Rites is really an attempt to exploit the Tibetian culture. We have attempted to avoid that association at Borderland Sciences.

Borderland Sciences Research Foundation has the copyright for this material since 1975 under its actual title The Eye of Revelation. The Fountain of Youth is merely a reprint of this material padded with 100 additional pages. Because Eye of Revelation is such a silly old name we have called Peter Kelders work The Five Rites for years and years.

The Five Rites have been important to Borderland Sciences because they are a powerful example of a simple empirical experiment that you can perform with no tools and experience a powerful change in your consciousness and perception.

We have made some speculations based on an insight from George Crile that we have published:

The Five Rites as given by Peter Kelder do not make reference to ether, glands, or chakras but simply to Vortexes. The connection of the Vortexes to the glands of the Endocrine system is no mere coincidence; this is an ancient borderland science. The glands and the nerve plexus are the physical manifestations of the chakras. I imagine the colorful wheels depicted in chakra mythology are descriptions of the fields viewed through highly developed senses that can perceive the ether as Rudolf Steiner describes in his ideas on perception and sense development.

That the glands are radiating energy we know from the radio, electric interpretation of life as developed by George Crile; "Evolution probably seized upon the factors that have the power of shifting the amount of radiation toward the short wave field, hence increasing the amount of electricity generated. Thus, an increase in the electrical charge increases the muscular and glandular activity of the animal."

The Five Rites seem to enhance the ability to shift the amount of short wave radiation toward the short wave field. We seem to see a glimpse of the etheric/electric transmutation taking place within the Vortex. The Five Rites stimulate the entire "energy-controlling system" and hypothetically the body's ability to receive vital force is enhanced

From universal scientific principles we can begin to build a hypothesis on how it is the development of the endocrine system that underlies one of the major benefits of certain types of exercise.

It is not the ancient religious practices of Tibet that empowers these five simple movements.

It is more likely that the Tibetians had discovered some secrets to consciousness and the endocrine system and encodeded them in poetic language and ritual practice.

Some strange stuff comes out of Tibet.

The Five Rites are clearly much more of a Secular Magick than anything resembling any of the ancient religious practices of the far east. This is a perfect example of the universal idea getting transplanted in new soil. That these movements have an intrinsic value to the health has been amply demonstated.

Things have been going on fine until the last few years when we have these new "teachers" of the five rites who want to exploit the technology for their own personal interests. Peter Kelders work has been preserved by Borderland Sciences since at least as early as 1975 but you will see no mention of this in the newer versions.

There are 32 pages in the original book by Peter Kelder. He did speak with Llamas in Tibet and this is the record of what he learnt. This original account is only available from Borderland Sciences Research Foundation. This is not traditional Tibetian religion but this is powerful evidence of an ancient practice that is rooted in the Borderlands of perception. in a suppressive act that makes even the Chinese Government look fair removed "The Eye of Revelation" from their network with no explanation. If you think's relation to Chinese Communism is far fetched, I beg you explain why that some group called The Alliance has life and death powers over the marketplace and refuses to commuicate with it's merchants. You can no longer aquire Eye of Revelation at and they refuse to discuss it further. I suggest you boycott when at all possible for their refusal to support idependent publishers.

If you would like to buy The Eye of Revelation, it is now available with Pay Pal:

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