Friday, March 23, 2007

Simpleology 103, Simpleology: The Book, and Amazing Bonus Preview...

The Amazing Secrets of the Masters of the Far East

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Review Questions

1. The brain, the eyes, the nose, the arms, the lungs, the kidneys, the legs are all double organs. Why is this?

2. Is this true only of humans?

3. Which side of the human body is the postive pole? Which is the negative?

4. What happens when the body ceases to absorb and radiate energy from and to surrounduing space?

5. Does the air flow through both nostrils continuously?

6. How does the breath usually flow in people of normal breath?

7. How are people affected when the flow of the right nostril is predominant?

8. How are people affected when the flow of the left nostril is predominant?

9. Where do the Ida and Pingala nerves meet?

10. When both nostrils are equally in flow, what happens?

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